Tutorial Slides

Source Code

  • LON-NPP-demo.R script for LON models creation, visualisation and metric calculation. Number Partitioning Problem (NPP) instances are used as case study. LON datasets are here provided to be used with the script:
    • LON data with N = 10, k = 0.4 before the phase transition, single funnel structure.
    • LON data with N = 10, k = 1.0 after the phase transition, multi-funnel structure.
    • LON dataset containing instances of size 10, 15 and 20, and with values of k from 0.4 to 1.2 in steps of 0.1.
  • Code in Python for an example Iterated Local Search code instrumented to record the LON data through sampling of multiple runs. Code in R to parse the sampled data and build a LON.
  • Code in C++ to exhaustively extract LONs of the Quadratic Assignment Problem (QAP).


Related Websites

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  • Visualcomplexity.com provides a stunning gallery of visualisations.
  • CDV Lab Computational Design and Visualization at the University of Coimbra, Portugal, is a multidisciplinary research lab featuring amazing visualisation projetcs.