This gallery portrays a collection of Local Optima Network visualisations. We have categorised the images by problem domain, and within each domain by the research paper most closely associated with the image. Not all the images in the gallery appeared in the named papers but were generated in a similar way as those in the paper. Most of the images were generated with the igraph package using the R software environment. The 3D plots and animations were generated with the OpenGL R package rgl. Different plots reflect different problem instances, graph layouts (mainly force-directed algorithms such as Fruchterman-Reingold and Kamada-Kawai), search operators and decorations of nodes and edges. For example, the colour of nodes reflects either the connected component/funnel membership or the fitness value (or range of values). The size of nodes represents either their incoming degree or their fitness value. More information and a large version of an image are given when clicking it.


Travelling Salesman:
Quadratic Assignment:
NK Landscapes:
Number Partitioning:
Genetic Improvement:
Protein Design:

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